Eatonton Putnam Chamber of Commerce

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Our mission: As Board Members of the Chamber, it is our responsibility to set policy for our organization, and it is our privilege to represent the women in business in our community. Our mission is to “promote economic prosperity and tourism for our community” through building a stronger business community with influential and diverse leadership.

Our strengths: Our strengths are many as we all have different business expertise. We come from large, medium and small businesses, bringing different ideas to the table, with a “know how” to work together.

What are your proudest moments: This year I am particularly proud of the Chamber’s new location on West Marion St. It is in the heart of downtown Eatonton where it is more accessible to serve our community. To me, it is also a sign of growth and progress for our organization. I am most proud of the attitude of service that all our members share. Our common goal is to make Putnam County a place where people can prosper and are proud to call home. – Cynthia Wallace

Lessons you learned from the pandemic: Through the pandemic I learned how valuable small businesses, community banks, and local restaurants are to our community and they will never be taken for granted by me again. I have also been greatly reminded how valuable teachers are to the world! Trying to work outside the home full time without my kids having trained professionals teach them in school was one of the most challenging times I have had as a parent and a professional. – Haley Lance