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Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate

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My business: Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate -Serving Lake Oconee, Lake Sinclair and Madison. We have two locations located in the Lake Oconee area. Out team sells more Real Estate than any other agent or team in the lake area. We pride ourselves on our 5 star service.

My Mission: To provide superb customer service to all of our clients and to give back to the community through our Charity Brittney Cares.

My Strengths: My Work ethics! My passion to grow my team members and my company. Also I am a survivor! When something tragic happens in my life I feel like that is my opportunity to make good out of it and listen to God and follow his lead. For example losing my daughter made me want to create a charity to give back to others in her memory and to help others.

Favorite pastime: I love playing tennis and spending time with my horses when I can spare a minute.

How have you risen to the challenges of COVID-19: Many of the people in the big cities want to move out and buy in second home markets like the Lake Country. They figured if they have to quarantine why not do it on the lake with a cold beverage, I have never seen a market like this in 20 years. My challenge is the lack of homes on the market and even though we are busy making sure our standards don’t go down, and continue giving our customers the 5 star service they so deserve.

What are your proudest moments: Brittney Cares - A charity that was formed in memory of my daughter, Brittney. My agents donate to this charity out of their paycheck and we match what they give. We have been able to help so many people and they have touched our lives in return. Also seeing our 5 children buy homes and have families of their own.

Biggest role model: My husband! He always worked hard and was a F-16 fighter pilot! He was a pilot with Delta for 15 years and now owns his own appraisal company and co owns this company with me. He is a great father and my best friend. He is the hardest working person I know and I have so much respect for him.