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Practice Management

Our business is all about The Smile!! For over 27 years Dr. Michael Miller has provided the best of family and cosmetic dentistry for his patients. Our goal at Lake Oconee Family Dental is to build strong, lasting relationships by providing excellent dental care to every patient. It is our mission to ensure a professional and healthy yet friendly and relaxing atmosphere. I believe our #1 strength, as a team, is our focus on the patient’s dental health. Our clinical team is not production driven nor incentivized by sales therefore they are more apt to provide uncompromised care, placing their full attention on the patient’s needs and nothing more. As with most industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has most certainly thrown dental offices a curve ball. We were forced to stop operations for several weeks this past Spring and we faced new mandates prior to reopening. We rose above the challenge and engaged an entirely new protocol suggested by ADA and CDC which includes additional personal protection equipment (PPE) for both patients and employees, increased sanitizing throughout the practice, daily temperature confirmation for anyone entering the building, less patients on the daily schedule to assist in contact reduction and numerous other changes to equipment being utilized in order to ensure the optimal health of the dental practice as a whole. My role models have changed over time but I have to say most recently I have focused on and deeply admire those who are able to maintain a loving heart, positive words, an upbeat attitude and have continued being kind to others not only through the COVID-19 pandemic but also through all the hate and negativity our country is currently experiencing. Just be nice!


Dental Hygienist

It is my professional purpose to assist every patient in achieving a lifetime of great dental health. My strength is being able to communicate with each patient on a professional level while also being easy to engage and staying at a level that helps the patient better understand their oral health. I have risen above the many challenges of COVID-19 by staying up to date on all the requirements set forth by the GDA and CDC. The pandemic has shown me that life can change in a split second so it’s important to enjoy every day I am given and to always do what I love! Some of my role models are the best instructors and professors of Augusta University. I have always admired them personally and professionally.


Dental Assistant

A dental office can sometimes be intimidating to people so it is my goal to connect with each patient and help them feel confident they are receiving the best care. My greatest strengths are my interpersonal and communication skills which begin with really listening to the patients and hearing their concerns. I often try to put myself into their shoes in order to provide the appropriate level of compassion and empathy. The continued daily reports on COVID-19 will naturally generate anxiety and fear which can take a toll on anyone. I believe our office has incorporated an environment where our patients feel safe & comfortable and they can rest assured we have taken every necessary precaution to ensure their health is our #1 priority. I have learned from this pandemic to value what truly matters in life….family, friends and other personal connections. My biggest role models are my parents. They have taught me Christian character is the most important personal quality to portray and to always put other’s feeling at the forefront. In my pastime, I love to travel. Whether it’s a short day trip to a National Park in Georgia, a weekend at Disney World or a week in Jackson Hole, I love moving about and meeting people from different parts of the country.


Dental Hygienist

My mission is to provide comfortable and thorough patient care. I enjoy encouraging patients by helping them maintain a beautiful smile. Calming a patient with previous dental anxiety can be challenging but bridging the gap can be very rewarding. COVID-19 has also been challenging but I take extra steps to maintain a clean, sanitized work environment in order to protect our patients as well as fellow employees. My role model would be my father. He never stops learning and always keeps a positive attitude. My favorite pastime is spending time with my husband and little boy; we love the outdoors!


Dental Assistant

I love to see people smile and it’s my mission to always put a smile on another person’s face by being kind. I find my strength is being inherently optimistic. I have risen above some of the challenges of COVID-19 by choosing to see the silver lining during this time by spending more time with my family and finding new ways to make the most of our time together. My grandparents were great role models. My Papa always had a smile on his face and was so kind to others. He never let the mood or actions of others change his attitude. Most importantly he loved the Lord and he taught me to put my relationship with God at the top of my priority list. My Nana taught me not argue with others because “it doesn’t matter who is right if you’re being unkind”.


Dental Hygienist

My mission is to make the lives of those around me easier rather than harder. Professionally, that means treating my patients with compassion and creating a positive dental experience for them. My strength is my love for my job! My role models are the many strong women I’ve known, from my best friend to my 88yr old neighbor who has dealt with life’s adversities with grace and a great sense of humor.


Dental Hygienist

I am committed to providing the best quality of care to patients in an atmosphere that reflects compassion, competence and professionalism. My strengths are communicating and educating our patients on the importance of good oral health. The variety of my experience has provided me valuable knowledge that I apply in my job. With over 25yrs in the dental field, I have worked in general, cosmetic, periodontal, pedo and orthodontics.


Dental Hygienist

My professional goal is to help create an environment where people enjoy coming into the dental office but also helping patients understand and value their oral health. My best strengths are that I Love People, I am a good listener and I have never met a stranger. I have risen above many of the COVID-19 challenges by understanding the pandemic is serious but not allowing fear to dictate my life. I have leaned stronger on my faith in Jesus Christ. I will say my proudest moments are when I gave birth to my two daughters and again when we adopted another daughter. I love spending time with them and can’t imagine life without them.


Dental Assistant

My mission as a dental assistant is to perform at the highest level for my team and patients. I strive to provide a service to patients that eases any dental fears they may have. I believe one of my strengths is my ability to lead with positivity. I have always been a quick learner and eager to succeed. A new idea that I learned from the pandemic is to keep hand sanitizer close by and always be prepared with a mask when going out in public because you will need it. Whether they are younger or older, I admire those who have illnesses or disabilities as they never fail to make the best out of every day.