Pinnacle Credit Union

Shawanda Crutchfield - Branch Manager

Taharra Farley - Member Service Representative

Tarsha Champion - Loan Officer

Patricia Burford - Mortgage Lender

Candice Reid - Member Service Representative

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Our business:

Candice Reid - Pinnacle Credit Union was founded in 1926 under the name Atlanta Teachers Credit Union. We are currently the second oldest credit union in the state of Georgia. Since opening we have grown into a full service financial institution. Like other credit unions, Pinnacle is a not-for-profit organization; meaning profits are returned to members in the form of better rates on savings, lower interest rates on loans and fewer fees. The credit union is owned by its members and led by the board of directors that is formed from the membership.

Our mission:

Taharra Farley - Pinnacle Credit Union’s mission is to help improve the member experience, which undergone major changes since 2014. Things like online banking, mobile apps, and depositing checks with your phone are all new to the membership.

My strengths:

Shawanda Crutchfield - My strength is my team members. I believe that without good team members it is hard to do your job on a day-to-day basis. Teamwork is the key to getting things done.

Tarsha Champion - At Pinnacle we focus on connecting to our community and providing the service they deserve.

Patricia Burford - Listening, counseling and loving on our members, helping them reach financial security is my greatest pleasure.

How have you risen to the challenges of COVID-19:

Tarsha Champion - A wise man once told me if you are going to serve your community do it with honor and pride. Be that person to make a difference and serve faithfully. So, this is what I do.

Shawanda Crutchfield - Since the Covid-19 pandemic started the one challenge I had to rise above was realizing that my daily routines no longer exist. I now have to take on each day not knowing what to expect.

Candice Reid - I have risen above the many challenges of the pandemic by continuing to keep my faith and courage, because I know this too WILL pass. My love for all has strengthened as well because this has been a hard time for all.

Lessons you learned from the pandemic:

Shawanda Crutchfield - The one lesson that I have learned from the pandemic is that I should always cherish the moment and never take anything for granted. It has taught me to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

Tarsha Champion - No matter what happens during a pandemic always continue to help or lend a helping hand to someone that is in need of help financially.

What are your proudest moments:

Patricia Burford - Watching my only child give birth to her baby, my first grandchild.

Taharra Farley - My proudest moments are accomplishing goals.

Biggest role models:

Candice Reid - Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and those who believe in me.

Patricia Burford - My parents, who taught me how to be a strong woman.

Taharra Farley - My role model is my GOD-MOTHER.