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Sprucing up for Summer

Laklife recently paid a visit to Stanton Home Furnishings in Madison to speak with owner and interior designer Jimmy Stanton about how to bring summer into your home. “Obviously over the last year, everybody has been at home more, and we noticed that people (had) not been at home like that ever,” Jimmy Stanton said. “So with people being at home like that, they’ve been focused on their house and sprucing up their house and their surroundings.”

Stanton said that people have mainly been focused on updating their living rooms and spaces they spend the most time in. Jimmy said he firmly believes that will continue over the next year and especially over the summer months.

Fruitful Finishes: Summertime calls for all things bright and sweet. Jimmy suggests adding a large bowl filled with summer fruit to your dining room or coffee table. Fruit finishes can be fresh or fake. Stanton said fruits like lemons, limes and oranges are most popular this time of year. Stanton said the fresh fruit tends to last longer than flowers and “they look great and last a while.”

Outside In: One of the most popular trends Stanton is seeing this year is using outdoor rugs inside the home. “A huge deal now is with people using areas more with pets and kids and all that good stuff, we’re doing a lot of outdoor rugs indoors,” Jimmy said. The outdoor rugs come in variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Stanton pointed out that outdoor rugs have come a long way and many look like the traditional oriental rugs but are much more durable.

Colorful Cushions: Stanton says an easy way to bring summer into your home is by adding brightly colored pillows to your couch and/or chairs. Colorful cushions come in an array of patterns, styles and fabrics.

Blue over You: Although the current trends still lean toward white walls, Jimmy says he is seeing a lot of blue accents. Blue drawls can be used in furniture, artwork, lamps, textiles and glassware. Stanton says blue hues can be used in traditional items but also lend themselves to a modern twist. Another big trend Stanton is seeing is the use of velvet, typically used in seating selections and often in shades of blues. Blues are especially popular this time of year as they channel water vibes, and are particularly popular in Georgia’s Lake Country.

Manic for Ceramic: Jimmy says white ceramic vases are all the rage right now. An assortment of white vessels is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to bring summer into your home. Stanton says the vases can be used in a variety of places in your home, such as adorning tabletops or being used in bookcases. According to Jimmy, he sees a lot of clients changing up the placement of these white containers as the seasons change. Summer is the perfect excuse to renew your view and move ceramic pieces to new places. Another easy way to update the vases for summer is to add ferns.


Story & photos by Leila Scoggins

Video by Katie Marie O'Neal


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