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Tasty Treats of Love

In a world that is constantly changing and fast paced, visiting the small local confectionery in Madison is a way to appreciate the simple things in life.

Chocolate Dipped Homemade Caramel - dark & milk chocolate

Something as simple as a chocolate dipped caramel can brighten a terrible day, or sampling homemade fudge with loved ones can bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Antique Sweets is a family owned confectionery that has been in downtown Madison since 2004. Their tasty treats have travelled all around the world and continue to be a staple in the community.

The store is owned by Patty Alligood and her son, Patrick Alligood.

“Now a days you don’t have a lot of candy stores that make it themselves,” Patrick said. “We still make it and do small batch candy making. We try to use quality ingredients, and we just have the best recipes in the world.”

According to Patrick, the Bulldog Bites are the most popular item. This item is made of pecans, homemade caramel and chocolate. These tasty treats are sweet and salty, gooey and crunchy. As soon as you bite into it, there is a loud crack of the chocolate which is a sign of well-tempered, good quality chocolate.

Bulldog Bite - milk chocolate

All of the tasty treats are made in small batches which means everything is made as fresh as possible.

“A batch of pralines will make 230 pralines and will go out the door in about three days,” Patrick said.

Antique Sweets uses local butter and cream from a dairy farm in Waynesboro, Georgia, and they use no preservatives.

In 1984, Patty’s sister, Debby Owens, started The Fudge Factory in Dahlonega, Georgia. Most of the recipes used at Antique Sweets came from Debby.

Whenever things get busy, Patrick’s wife, Kristie Alligood, is always there helping. Their two daughters also worked there in high school and still help out when they’re home from college.

“Three generations working here, and we still talk to one another,” Patty said with a chuckle.

Patrick’s favorite treats are the chocolate dipped homemade caramels. The caramels are dipped in dark or milk chocolate, and if you prefer a salty and sweet combination, they have salted options too.

Once the caramel is made and cooled, each piece of caramel is hand dipped into freshly melted chocolate, one by one.

Another element that never goes unnoticed are their beautifully tied bows on their boxes and baskets. Everyone who works there has to go through bow training with Patrick. He is known as the “bow engineer.” According to Kristie, he is precise and the best tier. Some customers specifically ask for him to tie their orders.

The chocolates at Antique Sweets are smooth, rich and creamy. Everything is made with care, and no one leaves unhappy.

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Story and photos by Katie Marie O'Neal


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